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Ringo Starr Video Interview

October 14th, 2017
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February 1st, 2014
We thought in celebration of how the Beatles changed our lives 50 Years ago, we'd release another piece of my first Ringo Starr interview. If you haven't downloaded part one, you should. During Ringo's interview with Max Weinberg for his book The Big Beat, Ringo told him the interview he had done with me was the best interview he had ever done. I was very grateful that Max called me to share that with me and while Ringo may not remember that today, I will never forget that! This was done poolside at his Beverly Hills home with Barbara's kids playing in the pool. He talked about life before and after Beatles in a serious kind of interview that he no longer does!



June 16th, 2013
June of 1981 was the first time I sat down with Ringo Starr in what I believe was a Beverly Hills rental. We did the interview poolside and you'll hear lovely Barbara Bach who was watching her kids jumping in the pool and a little interchange between them.